Alright! You've got our team researching local card shops near you and upcoming card shows near you. Why?

Because we're going to equip you to represent the / Sports Card Strategy Show family at those Local Card Shops and Card Shows in the future.

You will hear from our team in the coming 1-2 weeks to try and coordinate "site visits" where you'd go represent us at an LCS or Card Show.

If you're accepted into the program, we will equip you with gear, contacts, and prospective deals to look for.

We ask that you create content at the LCS, Card Show or other event for the Sports Card Strategy Show and Tell, and also let as many people as possible know that the Sports Card Strategy Show sent you there!

We think you'll end up creating great content that will elevate your profile, and that you'll get great deals on cards to either flip or PC.

We want to help you along the way, and ask that you submit all of your content from these events for the Sports Card Strategy Show and Tell episodes.

Please reach out to if you have any questions, but we will be following up with you soon!