Kylian Mbappe

One of the first Mbappe autos ever sold was for $10k (38 bids) on eBay on September 20. This was part of the PSG Topps Chrome team set – desirable for sure, but less so than upcoming Panini releases.

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Aaron Judge

He’s a tricky one, because it would be a bit silly to buy in now, with all the hype around his individual performances, but what’s interesting is that there is still some upside here.

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Julio Jones

Jones says he “feels amazing” at age 33, and started off the season well, snagging three passes for 69 yards in Week 1 from Tom Brady in a win against the Cowboys. Buccaneers DC Todd Bowles even said Jones has returned to his Pro Bowl form.

However, he was inactive in Week 2 with a knee injury.

If he can stay healthy the remainder of the season, and the Bucs win their division and compete for an NFC Title, his rookie card value will increase.

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Matthew Stafford

We are far removed from February 2022’s Super Bowl hype spike. Stafford is now back to pedestrian veteran QB status. He’s 1-1 with some elbow issues, throwing interceptions early on in 2022.

But he still has Cooper Kupp, and still plays for the Rams, which means he’s likely to win games. With his pricing having dipped since the end of last season by 19%, and in the last 7 days by 1%, now could be a solid time to buy his rookie cards if you believe the Rams have a shot at a Super Bowl repeat.

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Tyreek Hill

Well, for those of us who thought he may fade into oblivion with the move to Miami, he has done just the opposite. He’s hauled in 19 catches for 294 yards and two TDs in his first two games with the Dolphins, helping lead them to a 2-0 record with wins against the Patriots and Ravens.

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Lamar Jackson

He looked like an MVP in Week 2, period. Jackson had a perfect passer rating as the Ravens built a big first-half lead. The QB dropped dimes and darts from the pocket, completing 72.4% of his passes for 318 yards and three first-half TDs. Jackson also paced the ground game with 119 yards on nine attempts, including a career-high 79-yard TD run.

Even though the Ravens lost to the Dolphins in spectacular fashion, Jackson’s performance made it clear that he’s going to lead the Ravens to a solid season, potentially deep into the playoffs, making him a solid buy/hold.

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Dak Prescott

Well this sucks. While ultimately we were wrong about holding Dak’s cards, we’ll never know how things would have truly played out on our prediction that he was going to lead Dallas to the Super Bowl this season had he not fractured his right thumb in Week 1 against the Buccaneers. We did of course quality our prediction with “as long as he stays healthy.”

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