Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Our Investing Thesis The hobby is huge. There is a ton of temptation and FOMO. It’s easy to become undisciplined and sloppy in pursuit of making money investing in sports cards. Our sports card investing thesis is three fold. 1. Don’t Chase. The way to make money investing in Sports Cards is NOT to chase…

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Sam Ehlinger

Ehlinger was a preseason sensation for Indianapolis but has played only 18 regular-season snaps in his career. He has never thrown a pass in the regular season. The Colts are taking a leap of faith in inserting the unproven 24-year-old as their new starter.

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Bailey Zappe

Coach Belichick’s decision-making here can frankly be bewildering. He said that he always planned to play both quarterbacks (Zappe and Jones) in the game. Hence, sparking a budding QB controversy in New England.

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Jimmy Garoppolo

The 30-year old went from high paid, accomplished back-up insurance policy, to starter once again with the season-ending injury to Trey Lance. Jimmy G now sits in the driver’s seat to lead the 49ers back to another division championship and potentially a Super Bowl appearance.

If this does happen, his card value will skyrocket. This is the hope of his sports card investors.

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Carson Wentz

While forgotten about and run out of his last two spots, he still was the #2 overall pick in 2016, and could see a solid increase in card value should he lead the Commanders into the playoffs.

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Matthew Stafford

We are far removed from February 2022’s Super Bowl hype spike. Stafford is now back to pedestrian veteran QB status. He’s 1-1 with some elbow issues, throwing interceptions early on in 2022.

But he still has Cooper Kupp, and still plays for the Rams, which means he’s likely to win games. With his pricing having dipped since the end of last season by 19%, and in the last 7 days by 1%, now could be a solid time to buy his rookie cards if you believe the Rams have a shot at a Super Bowl repeat.

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