Establish New Cravings

You Can Change Your Body’s Chemistry

By: Paul Hickey, Managing Publisher

Take it from a life-long Diet Coke junkie who used to snack on Doritos, Cheese-Its, Snickers, Peanut M&Ms and worse, it is possible to not only change your habits, but actually develop new, healthy cravings.

Of course, the first step is to take a look at all the things you’re putting into your body that simply aren’t doing you any good. You know what those are; you don’t need your doctor to tell you. I understand better than most how hard it is to change these habits, but the first step is to try. And if you can keep it up longer than a few weeks, you’ll give yourself a real shot at developing new cravings.

The difference between getting to a point where you have new, healthy cravings means that you really don’t even want that old shit anymore. You’re borderline repulsed by it.

I used to ingest a full 2-liter (or two) per day of Diet Coke, as recently as December 2015. By moving exclusively to LaCroix (a zero calorie flavored carbonated water product) I was able to ween myself off Diet Coke and eventually onto straight up Ice Water. Not only has my body thanked me in many ways since the transition, but my pocketbook and bank accounts now have more leeway to spend on other things, since basically all my beverages are free.

I lead with this change because it has set the stage for all other changes. The Diet Coke used to make me want fried salty foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’d always crave McDonalds Egg McMuffins and hashbrowns for breakfast, dip everything in packets of hot mustard sauce, and guzzle down pickle juice.

For lunch, I’d want at least two Diet Cokes and some type of Thai Food, like Chicken Fried Rice, or potentially Mexican Food, with two baskets of chips and salsa prior to a plate full of choriqueso or white cheese doused chicken.Kashi-GoLean-Crunch

Now, for breakfast I freaking crave fruit, greek yogurt and even high fiber/high protein cereal like Kashi. Bananas and black coffee are likely the worst breakfast I’d ever eat, with is pretty effing healthy.

At lunch, spinach based salads are king, with some low salt almonds from the freezer (replacing the old chips and shit), and of course some sliced lunchmeat or even grilled fish on top.

At snacktime it’s nothing other than an apple, some 2% fat cottage cheese or a Quest Nutrition bar.

Dinner is any kind of protein packed situation, including chicken, salmon, tilapia, pork tenderloin, and of course, my favorite versatile grain – quinoa.

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