35 Minutes Is An Ideal Workout Length

Don’t make excuses: You have time!

By: Paul Hickey, Managing Publisher

Trust me, I’ve heard all the excuses, and probably at one point in time used them all too. But by far the most common one is “I just don’t have the time to workout.”

Hmmmm, well if you have 35 minutes, then you have time, because in 35 minutes you can do all of the following to get started:

  • Run at least 2-3 miles

    If you’re just starting off, you can likely still even walk 2 miles in 35 minutes, which is great exercise for “getting back in shape.”

  • Plank / Renegade Row Push-ups

    Grab a couple 10 pound dumbells and do some renegade row push-up sets with planks in between. Great for hitting chest, arms and core/abs all at the same time. Three sets of 20, with 20 second planks in between.


  • Medicine Ball Abs

    So you’ve run/walked, hit arms/chest and abs a bit, so what’s the best thing to cap off your 35 minute workout with? MORE ABS, of course!

    Grab a medicine ball and raise your feet to a 90-degree angle and back down to the ground again, while bringing the ball above your head and touch your feet with the ball at the top of your angle.

Boom. Don’t be the guy/girl that wastes time in the gym.

Get started by being efficient, then get home to your family feeling better about yourself and your progress.

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