Can Home Really Workout?

Does working out at home actually work?

By: Paul Hickey, Managing Publisher

A lot of people workout at home. I get it. Saving on drive time to the gym, monthly memberships etc.

But the problems I personally have with working out at home are pretty simple…

  • Interruptions

    Home is not private. I love my kids, but if they see me working out, they want to join in. Not a huge problem overall (they’re interested and want to be healthy).

    But I end up cutting things short and not really knowing what I actually accomplished.

  • Am I Really Pushing Myself?

    I don’t know, there’s just something about doing push-ups or curls with my wife watching “Chrisley Knows Best” that makes me think I’m not pushing myself to the max. AKA – wasting a workout. AKA – might as well save my energy to slay it tomorrow at the gym. Seriously. Think about it. Does this make you feel like you’re working hard? You get my point.


  • What‘s the purpose of what I’m doing?

    Working out at home feels like I’m half of my best self. Why am I choosing to ignore my family right in front of them? Or, if it’s late at night and the kids are in bed, why aren’t I hanging with my wife? What’s the purpose? Like the man below once said…


    So basically, there has to be “Home Paul” and “Workout Paul.” Period.

Ways to Supplement Your Gym Workout at Home

If you’re reading this website, it’s because you’re a normal person with a crazy schedule who wants results. I’m not going to make a hard / fast rule about not working out at home, but look – you’re going to get better results if you get out of where your couch is two feet away and into a gym or even run outside, find a park with some exercise equipment or just do push-ups and sit-ups outside.

That said, home can be a great way to supplement your gym workouts. I love and use these products that I got from Walmart of all places. They’re small, can fit in a closet so my family doesn’t have to look at them, and they’re for one simple purpose, sculpting abdominals whenever I feel like it.

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