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Oscar Piastri Sports Card Investment Report

Our Investing Thesis

The hobby is huge. There is a ton of temptation and FOMO. It's easy to become undisciplined and sloppy in pursuit of making money investing in sports cards.

Our sports card investing thesis is three fold.

1. Don't Chase. The way to make money investing in Sports Cards is NOT to chase the hot players or cards, but to have the ability to identify the NEXT hottest player BEFORE their card prices take off.

2. Stay In The Game. Since each player has a countless amount of cards, it's necessary to stay disciplined in identifying and purchasing cards that will have the ability to rise in value. Go Low / Mid Risk as much as possible. Everyone wants the big names. If the price is already high, then the upside is already baked in. Buy the dip on either the card, the player or both. Have reasonable expectations. Not every card will yield a profit, but overall, if you stay in the game, you should make 20% over the long haul.

3. Be Set Up To Sell. The most overlooked part of profiting in sports card investing is actually being set up to sell your cards. This includes acquiring cards that are frequently transacted, so as to instill confidence in your future buyer by being able to show consistent sales comps. We're not saying not to acquire short prints and variations, but if you're looking to make an ROI quickly, these aren't always the best cards.

There are two windows. The long term window and the flippable window. The long term window is when you believe a player has a season or more of relevant potential "moments" ahead. The flippable window is when a player actually never has to perform well on the field or court, but only has to generate enough "hype" to see an increase in card value.

We know that our background of professional sports front office work and player scouting, high stakes fantasy sports expertise, digital content creation and sales will make our Sports Card Investment Report a critical piece in your pursuit of positive ROI on your Sports Card Investments.

Oscar Piastri

The Reward

I'll admit, I was starting to get super disappointed about F1 cards. I felt like yet again, I had missed the boat. Others got in on the 2020 Topps Chrome F1 release last year, and have made tons of money on their investments. For more on my newfound belief in the future of F1 cards, read my write-ups on George Russell and Max Verstappen.

But just before the release of 2021 Topps Chrome, I was doing some research on the 2020 checklist, and I noticed that there are F2 Drivers included.

This is basically the equivalent of releasing prospect cards within a set of MLB, for example, as F2 is like the highest level farm team for F1.

With 2020 being the inaugural release of F1 cards, I realized that I hadn't totally missed the boat.

If I could find top F2 Drivers within the 2021 release, perhaps I could get back ahead of the game.

Enter Oscar Piastri, a 20 year old F2 Driver from Melbourne, Australia. Not only did he win the F3 Championship in 2020, but he dominated F2 in 2021 and won that Championship, and has now been named as a reserve F1 Driver for Alpine Racing for the 2022 F1 season.

Piastri has his true rookie cards in the 2021 Topps Chrome F1 release (and 2021 Topps Paper F1 release), which is a dream for Sports Card Investors.

It's basically the equivalent of being able to get Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero or Jabari Smith's cards right now in pro uniforms within a Panini Prizm release.

The chances of Piastri making an impact in F1 are virtually guaranteed, and even though there's no RC logo for these F2 Drivers, there is a Future Stars designation, which means these are likely to be considered his true rookies even if he appears in a future release as an F1 Driver with the RC logo.

The Risk

Well, he's a prospect still, and there's always the typical risks with prospects. They're overhyped, unproven and could flop.

But there's a 99.9% chance that if you're reading this you've either never heard of Oscar Piastri or maybe just caught wind of him (and in the unlikely chance you know who he is, you probably didn't know he had investable sports cards already) - which means he's not overhyped.

He's in the perfect investing "buy low" pocket.

It's crucial that you upgrade here to read about which cards to buy and which to avoid, as there are some easy mistakes you'll make buying his cards if you don't.

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  1. Patrick Angelo on April 29, 2022 at 9:28 am

    Piastri is the most talented young driver to come up the ranks since Russell, LeClerc and Verstappen. Once he gets a ride in a competitive car he is going to be an immediate contender. I can’t wait to see him in F1. The next decade is going to be a golden age for F1 with the amount of talented young drivers.

    • Paul Hickey on May 27, 2022 at 8:03 am

      Good to hear you say this Patrick! I’ve personally invested quite a bit in Piastri. I’ve put my money where my mouth is with him and I’m excited to see it pay off.

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