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Zion Williamson

Card owners of Zion, especially the ones who have held for the last two years or bought in at a low price point over the last 12 months should take advantage of some possible, available returns right now! Over this past week, during the Eastern and Western Conference Semi-Finals, Zion’s cards have been up nearly 45% in total volume with sales prices slightly rising. Sell while you can until the end of this season or hold until next season when he’s back on the court.

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Luka Doncic

With this late free fall of the Mavericks, the hobby took notice and Luka’s cards have slid a small percentage in price, but have been up 18% in overall volume over the last 7 days. However, while Luka is currently a sell, be sure to keep an eye on his cards to buy in the upcoming summer months, mainly from July to September.

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Tyrese Maxey

We really like the opportunity that Maxey provides for card investors. The play would be to wait for 76ers to be eliminated, and purchase before free agency begins. If Harden leaves, there will be a price spike on Maxey cards.

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Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is the odds on favorite to win the NBA MVP after putting up over 33 point and 10 rebounds per game! On top of that, after the surprise 1st round exit of both Milwaukee and Cleveland, the Sixers have a legitimate chance at their first Finals appearance since 2001. It all comes down to their 2nd round series against the Celtics. Unfortunately, Joel suffered an injury in the 76ers first round series. Philadelphia will need Joel at full strength to pull of the upset against Boston. If they can win the series, Embiid likely will play in his first Finals, and have a legit shot at winning both the regular season and Finals MVP.

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Paolo Banchero

The rookie season brings too much hype to buy-in for most players. Banchero is at the top of the Rookie food chain, and his cards show it. He doesn’t have many flaws to point out, so as long as the Magic keep moving in the right direction, Banchero’s card will continue to hold value, but now is not the time to buy. Orlando will continue to make noise in a loaded Eastern conference.

The $100 Play: Search for Banchero Auto’s, or #’d parallels.

Short Term: Sell Banchero around the All-Star game as he will be in the spotlight.

Long Term: Banchero is the cornerstone of the Magic. Once the rookie hype is over, his value should climb once again.

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Tyrese Haliburton

Savvy investors should be watching the NBA draft lottery draw on May 16. If somehow Indiana gets the top spot, jump on Haliburton immediately!

Haliburton’s 2020 Silver Prizm PSA 10 has fallen more than 35% since November. There could be a good opportunity to buy in March or April, or again late Summer. But realistically it’s anyone’s guess when Haliburton and the Pacers will do anything of importance.

The $100 Play: Tyrese Haliburton 2020 Panini Prizm – Purple Wave Prizm (#’d) #262 Raw

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Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole has had quite the intesting career. The man has had a meteoric rise starting as an NBA G-Leaguer to becoming a $128 million man! Poole has become a key member of the dynasty Warriors, as his per game averages continue to climb.

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Jalen Green

The draft also complicates the future production of Green. With a good chance at a top pick, the Rockets will be adding another young piece. A guy like Victor Wembanyama would certainly take the attention away from Green. A guard like Scoot Henderson would take away from the backcourt dominance Green has experienced.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo

Let’s face it, Giannis Antetokounmpo cards aren’t cheap, but they won’t be because his legacy has already been somewhat cemented. The only potential downside is that if you’re in it for the long haul with Giannis, there’s a risk you could be buying in at the peak.

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LeBron James

With the NBA Playoffs starting to look like NCAA March Madness, will we see LeBron take the 7 seeded Lakers into a deep playoff run? This postseason, Lebron is averaging 24-13-5 and just became the oldest player to record a 20-20 performance (regular season and playoffs). It will be exciting to see how far this newly rejuvenated, Lebron-led Lakers squad, that’s showing a lot of chemistry and togetherness, can go in this year’s NBA Playoffs.

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