What You Drink Matters

A lot

By: Paul Hickey, Managing Publisher

“Back when Mark Whalberg was Marky Mark…….”


Sorry, I mean, did you know Mark Whalberg has a Water Company? Since this website is for a lot of people simply wanting to learn how to transition into a fit lifestyle and change their horrible habits, you may not have known this.

AquaHydrate is a product I decided to try while aspiring to run 5-6 miles every day. It’s advanced Alkalinity levels help recovery and balance. Basically it helps you stay hydrated faster due to it’s pH9+ levels.

Before my body transformation, there’s no way I would have paid $25 for a 12 pack of water, but now that I’m downing about 80-100 ounces of water every day while training all the time to get a body like Whalberg (I’m fine admitting it), I swear by this stuff.

No endorsement, no incentive, I’m here to tell you…….It works. I’m hydrated quicker and recover faster between runs and workouts. Even though it has no sugar or calories, it was also a big factor in me cutting out soda from my diet, which of course has helped me put the right things into my body to achieve peak fitness.

So even if you don’t love Whalberg like I do, or his AquaHydrate business partner Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, try some because you love yourself. Okay, I need to go order some now. Later.


Yep – I’ve shot some of my best rounds of golf with it too. 🙂

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