What To Do After You Find Your Old Sports Card Collection


This book is for men who were born between the years of 1975-1982, collected Sports Cards between the ages of nine and 12, and are wondering what the heck to do with their old collection that they just stumbled upon.

Here’s the deal. Post-pandemic, you’ve somehow stumbled upon boxes, binders and screwdown cases of Sports Cards from that era you used to collect from (1988-1993). There’s Fleer, Topps, Upper Deck, Pro Set, Score, Donruss, NBA Hoops, Skybox and even some O-Pee-Chee!

You’ve seen the headlines about actor and entrepreneur Rob Gough buying a Mickey Mantle card for more than $5 million, and that a Tom Brady card just sold for more than $2 million.

Now you’re frantically looking up each of your cards on eBay and seeing people listing each of them for THOUSANDS of dollars a piece, but you can’t really make any sense of what to do with your collection just yet.

You’ve gotta do something. You’re in your 40s, and you don’t want to miss out on another opportunity to make some cash in a fun way or experience serious sentimental value beyond your wildest dreams.

Collecting Sports Cards now is like playing in a lifelong fantasy sports league, where each player’s past, present and future matters, even when retired.

But how do you even start? What’s the process and what are the steps you should follow?

You need to read this book in order to maximize your time and enjoyment as you approach your new endeavor of unearthing your childhood treasure chest.

Learn about graded and ungraded cards, how to identify which cards to have graded and why, which cards to sell, and how to market, list and transact on many platforms.

What To Do After You Find Your Old Sports Card Collection: The Middle-Aged Dude’s Guide To Selling Old Sports Cards helps you make a high-level decision on what kind of experience you want to make out of your old card collection, as well as learn the knowledge and tactics needed to map out and execute your plan.


Paul Hickey is an entrepreneur and digital content creator. As the CEO of Data Driven Design, he builds WordPress websites for a living. As the founder of NoOffseason.com, he acquires and sells Sports Cards and other collectables, like NFTs. As of this writing, he lives in Valencia, Spain with his super-talented and gorgeous wife, Kate, who encouraged him to write this book, and his awesome son Max (the biggest sports fan in the family) and phenomenal daughter Samantha (who speaks the best Spanish in the family, BTW).

To do business with Paul or give him direct feedback on this book that he wrote in less than one day, email him directly at paul@datadriven.design.

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