3 Undervalued Basketball Cards to Buy Now

3 Undervalued Basketball Cards to Buy Now

Despite the NBA All-Star break being right around the corner, the basketball sports card market has been in a lull for the last several weeks. According to Market Movers, basketball cards released between 2018-2020 are down nearly 4% as a whole over the last 90 days. While this data is one of the reasons our guy Paul Hickey likes to move nearly all of his basketball cards prior to the start of the NBA season to time the market well (and rightfully so), it also provides a short buying window for investors to stock up on some undervalued prints while the NFL Super Bowl holds the attention of a majority of sports fans around the world, with hopes football’s offseason pairing up with the NBA playoff race heating up fueling a spike in basketball card prices. Today we’re going to look at 3 different investment opportunities coming from Prizm Silver rookie cards, as we believe the makeup of these prints generally provides the lowest risk while offering a strong return on investment.

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