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My name is Paul Hickey and I started and the Sports Card Strategy Show to help everyone - regardless of knowledge level or background - make money flipping sports cards.

My team and I have put together Sports Card School for you to build your path to profit…whether you…

Are Re-Entering The Hobby trying to figure out what the hell is going on…
Have a solid Sports Card Flipping Strategy, know the basics, but want to level up while increasing your bankroll
Play at the highest price point of sports card investing and want to ensure you’re building wealth while enjoying the hobby

Like you probably did, I collected cards as a kid, dumped my old collection for about 30 years while I focused on my career, life, and fantasy sports, then became fascinated by the hobby in late 2020 when I found my old collection and started researching prices.

My background in competitive fantasy sports and content creation led me to flipping cards and documenting my journey starting in late 2020 after realizing the market for modern and vintage cards was establishing quickly before my eyes.

My team and I are now here to help you build your path to profit flipping sports cards.

Welcome to Sports Card School, proudly built by and the Sports Card Strategy Show.

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