The Formula: Sports Card Rankings

You have our Green Light! Based on the ROI percentage, this is a good card to buy as long as you can buy some grade-able options at the Target Cost. More great options are below!

The following Sports Card Rankings are based on's Sports Card Formula that projects ROI (Return On Investment) and shows buy-in needed to profit per card.
There are two tabs below: Raw To Grade Rankings & Already Graded Rankings

What you should know:

- Links in the left hand column of both tabs take users to eBay listings for each card.
- Cards are shown in ranked order based on Projected ROI (Return On Investment).
- Target Cost represents the current price you should try to buy in at.
- Average Sale Price for Raw To Grade Cards is based on current market data, factors in Gem Rate and release date, and profit is NOT dependent on a selling marker, but instead on selling immediately after getting back from PSA.
- Average Sale Price For Already Graded Cards is based on historical sales data aligning with a future selling marker.

"Raw To Grade" Cards Shown. Scroll down to bottom to see "Already Graded" tab. You can scroll vertically and horizontally to see all information in the table. Tap on any of the cards in the first column to open more details.

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