eBay’s Vault Service Overview For Sports Card Collectors, Investors and Flippers

eBay just launched it’s new trading card vault service, and it offers several solid features for sports card collectors, investors and flippers.

With eBay’s vault, all cards are part of the authenticity guarantee, which means the vault marketplace naturally curates cards from all categories into a safe, buy-sell-trade scenario that gives sports card collectors not only immediate peace of mind, but also saves them valuable transaction time from having to go through the authentication process for higher dollar cards.

Thanks to eBay’s vault, you also don’t really need to ship your cards at all, so as long as your buying an authenticated card, you can keep it in your eBay vault, and avoid sales tax and shipping fees.

Also, because eBay is the top sports card marketplace, the eBay vault features a one-click listing population, which saves you a ton of time listing cards.

Even though it has launched after several other services like COMC, Ship My Cards, PWCC Vault and right around the same time as others like Collectors and Beckett vaults, eBay has the chance to beat them all out as the top sports card vault service.

One clarification that needs to be made about eBay's vault, however, is that it currently doesn't accept raw cards, nor can you buy any card from outside the vault-specific marketplace and ship it to the vault.

But after these features are added in the future, it has the promise to beat out the aforementioned competitors and dominate as the #1 sports card vaulting service in the long term.

Paul Hickey is the founder of NoOffseason.com, home of the Sports Card Investment Report and The Sports Card Strategy Show. He is also a contributing writer for Sports Card Investor.


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