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Top Vintage Sports Cards To Buy Low And Sell High!

Welcome to the Sports Card Strategy Show with host Paul Hickey of Today we discuss: Our top vintage sports cards to buy low and sell high… How to make money on vintage sports cards with Rob Opens Wax… A New Selling Marker for Bronny James! Panini Signs LIV Golf Why I Bought A Darius…
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Should You Rip 2023 Prizm Football Hobby?

Since I started the Sports Card Strategy Show in September 2021, I’ve maintained that ripping wax is NOT a sports card strategy. It’s fun and entertaining, but it’s gambling. Did ripping a box of 2023 Prizm Football Hobby as a free box break giveaway to our premium members at change my mind? First of…
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Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: How to Sell Your Old Sports Card Collections

In this episode of The Overflow Show, we help premium members make money flipping sports cards. We talk new football prospect plays, and how to liquidate assets Additionally, Paul shares info on how to buy the “right cards” and gives his thoughts on including BIN features when selling via auctions And we reveal the Winners…
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