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How To Maximize The Profits From Your Old Baseball Card Collection

I made a Facebook post the other day – ironically NOT about my book “What To Do After You Find Your Old Sports Card Collection,” and a Facebook friend commented about needing help after finding his old baseball card collection. Long story short, as explained in further detail in the video, he has all of…
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What Is StarStock? How Does StarStock Solve Some Huge Problems In The Sports Card Market?

StarStock solves three huge problems for the sports card hobby and market overall. Since I wrote my book in April 2021, the largest card grading companies PSA and BGS have shutdown their economy services and aren’t accepting any new submissions until further notice. 1. The “Un-graded Problem.” Among other things, this has left a HUGE…
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I’m Selling The Cheapest Giannis PSA 10s…WHY????

I’ve been absolutely roasted in some Facebook Groups but owning non-rookie base cards that are PSA 10s. The haters say things like… “How dare someone ever get a non-rookie card graded?” “That’s the reason why the backlog is so long” “I hope your entire card collection goes up in flames because you are the reason…
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