Hot Take For The Remainder Of The 2022 F1 Season | F1 Card Investing Should You Buy Lewis Hamilton?

In Episode 4 of the F1 Card Strategy Show, I ask Greg Lanctot for a Bold Prediction / Hot Take for the remainder of the F1 Season.

I'm looking for something that can help F1 Card Investors moving forward.

What do you think of what he says?

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  1. Patrick Angelo on June 11, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    Drugavich has no hype because he is at best the 4th or 5th best driver on the F2 grid. Throw in the guys sitting on the sidelines as F1 test drivers and he is down to around 9th, add in drivers from other competitions like Indycar, Formula E and sports cars that have either beaten him in F2 or F3 and you could probably put another 5-6 names on the list. Then you get to the guys who are highly regarded young prospects in F3 or Indycar who have big advantages with either name recognition and financial backing, or existing junior academy contracts. The greatest advantage they have though is the fact that the 22 year old Drugavich is in his 3rd season in F2 and is not viewed from managers in the paddock as anything special. This is a comparatively weak F2 field filled with a few promising rookies still adjusting to the promotion and a confounding number of race ruining mistakes made by better drivers and reliability issues hitting many of the top drivers heavily. Drugavich has shown his experience by staying out of trouble on track and allowing his opponents to take themselves out with their inexperience at the F2 level.
    In baseball terms, he’s a AAAA player. He has done a great job this season against a bunch of rookies and other minor leaguers, but throw him in an F1 seat and he will be surrounded by world champions and backmarkers who have beaten him at every level.
    In terms of prospecting we will have to wait until next year to get ahold of the rookies who will be challenging one another for the F2 championship next season, and the way the releases have been so far it will be another year before the first cards come out for the top, top prospects who are currently in F3 but will almost certainly be making noise in what should be a very interesting 2023 F2 field.
    Unless something major and unexpected happens, I see next years release being full of buy and hold F2 debut cards but a very, very, weak, F1 rookie class.
    But 2024 could be a massive set packed with future stars making their first appearance on the checklist.

    The time to buy Perez was when RedBull released their financial data that showed the astounding amount of merchandise Checo moves in both North and South America but the amount of money he brings in from Mexico is jaw dropping. There was no way he was not getting a contract extension on the heels of that news.

    Ferrari still has upgrades coming and a good number of circuits on the remaining schedule where they would look to be favorites to grab wins with the car best suited to places like Hungary, Singapore, and Brazil to name a few. I wouldn’t be so quick to ditch hope on LeClerc having a strong second half and making things interesting just like Lewis did last season.
    And speaking of Lewis. He’s not winning a race this year unless we have a repeat of Hungary last year and someone (his teammate again?) takes out nearly the entire front three rows at the first corner.
    Russell is the future of Mercedes and Lewis doesn’t even look like he wants any part of it. Had he won last year he absolutely would have retired, the way things are going now I guarantee he wishes he would have. Unless Mercedes comes back from the summer break with a rocket ship that blows the rest of the field away or at the very least shows that they have one ready for next year I just don’t see him returning and thus we will likely never see him standing on the top of the podium again. But his status as an absolute legend owning virtually the entire F1 record book will only increase demand and prices of his cards for a very long time.. Once he is no longer in packs and new supply stops we will see not only the entire 2020 Chrome set explode, but also I can see the 2020 and 2021 Topps Now sets blow up as well seeing as they chronicle his last title campaign and the thrilling fight that saw a slightly interesting season result in a not at all controversial end to his reign of absolute dominance. It took years for people to spread the word of his little known Futera F2 card but once it spread that entire set went nuclear. The Topps cards are not nearly as rare or hard to find as the Futera cards………now. Yet because they are much more well known and the chance to grab his first collectible items made easily available worldwide at multiple price points allow early collectors and investors the ability to obtain them before supply disappears from the ranks of “there are 20 of these on eBay for 3$” to “HOLY SHIT SOME DUMBMOTHERFUCKER IS SELLING A BASE STICKER FOR ONLY 5K!!!!!”

    I know nobody is going to read all this shit, but my daughter fell asleep on my left arm just as I started and I don’t want to move and wake her up again so I figured I may as well just keep going since I don’t care that nobody will read it.
    I wouldn’t and I typed the damn thing..
    Aaaaaaand cue the roosters outside and the baby is up now anyway.
    Thanks for keeping roosters in your backyard or outside balcony everybody in the entire country of Panama, Real cool. I totally see the need for fucking roosters living like they were golden retriever puppies.
    Ok I’m done now.. I’m going to KFC for lunch today out of spite.

    • Paul Hickey on June 20, 2022 at 11:58 am

      Haha! I read all of it Patrick and it’s AWESOME. Love your takes. Well done. Want to come on the F1 Show sometime?


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