How To Improve And Grow The Hobby With Geoff Wilson – 7 Minutes of Sports Card Strategy

What’s up everybody Paul Hickey here with welcome to 7 Minutes of Strategy part of the Sports Card Strategy Show right here on the Sports Card Network. My guest today on 7 minutes of Strategy is Geoff Wilson of Sports Card Investor, Market Movers and Cards HQ. Stay tuned for…

  • Advice for making money flipping sports cards
  • The challenges creating an accurate data tracking app for the hobby
  • The importance of Content Marketing in the hobby
  • Sports Cards for Dummies
    • What the hobby teaches us and the next generation
    • How to expand the hobby
  • Major features being added to Market Movers!
    • Market Movers to feature Card Shop Transaction Integration!

Geoff and his team at Sports Card Investor and Market Movers empower collectors with data to help them make more informed and confident buying decisions.

Let’s get into it!

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