How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Buying Ja’Marr Chase Cards Now

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Buying Ja'Marr Chase Cards Now

Contributed by Chad Guell

Ja’Marr Chase is arguably the 2nd most liquid and investible wide receiver in the NFL right now behind Justin Jefferson. However because his cards are only about a year old there aren’t a lot of cards in the PSA pop reports. This makes this play as well as other cards that are too close to release dates very risky plays. The reason is that if all of a sudden there are a lot of his cards at PSA and they hit the market before your submission comes back it could make the market prices drop as supply increases. However, if you want to take a chance on a player that is not a quarterback, Ja’Marr Chase fits that bill. He is teamed up with Joe Burrow who might be the most liquid and desirable card in the market right now. This helps lower the risk a bit as these 2 players have been dynamic! Stick to the 6 plays listed and outlined below and you have an opportunity to still make some great flips before the start of the NFL season!

Just as we have laid out in a previous article, Ja’Marr Chase is a buy opportunity, and NOW is the time to do it! If you haven’t read the article on the math behind what I am about to show you, click on this link Learn How To Make Hundreds of Dollars on Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey and Soccer Card Plays - | Sports Card Strategy & Investment Reports and read about other viable plays before reading the rest of this so that you understand the equation on how to flip this card for profit. You can buy however many your budget allows, however I use 20 cards because that is what it takes to get the bulk grading submission at PSA.

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