How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Buying Josh Allen Cards Now

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Buying Josh Allen Cards Now

Contributed by Chad Guell

You guessed it! Another quarterback money making opportunity for our members! Josh Allen is another QB much like Justin Herbert, that has been hyped big the last few years. Allen is another quarterback like Herbert that if the Bills don’t have a great year, next year at this time we could be talking about how far his cards have fallen. So let’s all profit big on this year’s hype! I have 12 different opportunities to make money for all different budget types!
Just as we have laid out in a previous article, Josh Allen is a buy in bulk and get graded play, and NOW is the time to do it! If you haven’t read the article on the math behind what I am about to show you, click on this link  Learn How To Make Hundreds of Dollars on Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey and Soccer Card Plays - | Sports Card Strategy & Investment Reports  and read about other viable plays before reading the rest of this so that you understand the equation on how to flip this card for profit. You can buy however many your budget allows, however I use 20 cards because that is what it takes to get the bulk grading submission at PSA.

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