How To Spend $1k On Jordan Love Cards – $1k Budget Builder

How To Spend $1k On Jordan Love Cards - $1k Budget Builder

As the 2024 NFL Season approaches, the window to buy football cards for a bargain is closing, rapidly. It's still June, but prices are rising, especially for the top QBs.

One QB that I've talked extensively about on the Sports Card Strategy Show and am on the record saying he'll be one of the top three most desirable players at The National in July and into the 2024 NFL Season, is Green Bay's Jordan Love.

He showed poise under pressure throughout his early season struggles as the Packers' starter in 2023, and used that poise to make a huge run towards the end of the regular season and into the playoffs.

The Packers have a young, talented, well coached program and are bound to make a run at the NFC North division this year as long as Love stays healthy - which he should.

I'm not typically someone who waits for performance spikes to sell sports cards, as it can be a bit risky, but with Love, I have the utmost confidence that his cards will rise in value throughout September due to his strong play starting in a nationally televised game in Brazil against the Eagles on Friday, September 6 in primetime.

I'm willing to bet he's an early season MVP candidate, which will lead to the following cards spiking in value.

Click below to snag them for the target cost listed based on recent comps, and understand that we're focusing on PSA 10s because time is running out to get cards graded before early season NFL selling markers.


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