Sports Card Sell Alert: Aaron Rodgers Done for the Season; Sell Zach Wilson Cards Now!

Sell Alert - Sell Zach Wilson Cards Now - Aaron Rodgers Out For the Year

Contributed by Conner Barnett

With the signing of 4-time MVP Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets had high hopes for a breakout 2023-24 season. As Paul has stated many times on the Sports Card Strategy Show as far back as June, Aaron Rodgers absolutely is way too washed up to play quarterback in the NFL and couldn't even last two minutes in 2023 before a season-ending Achilles injury occurred. While we're not in the business of predicting injuries, and it's in horrible taste to do so, we knew this would happen, because Rodgers just doesn't have it anymore. This left Zach Wilson at the helm against an electric Buffalo Bills roster. Wilson was ready for the call, as he and the New York Jets defense and special teams led the attack for an impressive week one victory. We advised you to completely fade Rodgers heading into this year, and hopefully you either listened or liquidated all of your shares of the massive hubris that is the washed up former MVP. With Rodgers done for the year and Wilson being QB1 for the foreseeable future, we’re planting a flag as this being our ideal marker to get Wilson moved to lock in profits.

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