Sports Card $20 Play Of The Day: Malik Davis, Cowboys RB

Sports Card $20 Play Of The Day Malik Davis, Cowboys RB

Contributed by Ryan Painter


A personal favorite play of mine, is the $20 or less auto of a young promising player who hasn’t yet broke out on the big stage. The upside is a huge payday. The downside costs you only a few bucks. If you hit on a quarter of these plays, you’ll make out just great. Today’s play: Malik Davis, RB, Dallas Cowboys.


An undrafted rookie out of Florida, Davis signed as an undrafted free agent with the Cowboys after the 2022 draft. He earned a spot on the Dallas practice squad, and then was activated in late October after an Ezekiel Elliott injury. He stayed on the active roster for the rest of the year, totaling 161 yards and 1 TD with a 4.2 yard per carry average.

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