Sports Card Buys of the Week: Oct 30-Nov 5

Sports Card Buys of the Week: Oct 30-Nov 5 Thumbail

Contributed by Conner Barnett

Each week on the Sports Card Strategy Show, we talk about the top sports cards to buy now! Buying the right cards at the right time is a critical component to turning profit.

So if you're asking yourself "which sports cards should I buy now?" - read below to not miss any opportunities!

Patrick Mahomes: Discounts on High Upside Cards

Patrick Mahomes kicks off this week’s buy recommendation list after a sparingly-seen poor performance in this week’s upset loss to the Denver Broncos. Mahomes’ week was summarized by 2 interceptions and a lost fumble as well as a quarterback rating of just 59.2, his lowest since 2021. The poor performance has been fuel for an opportunistic time for sports card investors to look into buying Patrick Mahomes prints on a dip, as we believe the Chiefs will still be serious contenders for the Super Bowl Title and Mahomes will have his fair share of sell markers within the next several months. We do recommend that you target graded prints of his, as Mahomes card market can be scattered with both reprints and potential fakes. His 2017 Donruss Base and 2017 Optic Base in PSA 10’s are both down more than 5% over the last 30 days. Use this dip as an ideal time to stock up your card flipping portfolio with a no doubt hall-of-famer who is sure to provide strong upside.

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  1. Tré B on October 31, 2023 at 2:46 pm

    I’m doing whatever Paul does when it comes to Wemby.

    • Paul Hickey on November 16, 2023 at 9:40 am

      Yo Tré –
      Thanks so much man. Love it. You’ll make money following what I’m doing with Wemby 🙂

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