Sports Card Sell Alert: Top Christian McCaffrey Cards to Sell Before the Super Bowl

TOP CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY cards to sell BEFORE THE SUPER BOWL - Sports Card Sell Alert (1)

Since changing scenes in 2022, Christian McCaffrey has set the tone for the ideal running back in the NFL. Proving to still be an elite backfield talent as both a rusher and receiver, McCaffrey’s 2023-24 season included over 2,000 all-purpose yards with 21 total touchdowns. With the 49ers completing a massive comeback against the Detroit Lions that showcased 27 consecutive second-half points (and featured the 27-year-old posting over 130 all-purpose yards and 2 TD’s), McCaffrey and company are now slated to face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. McCaffrey is a player we’ve mentioned several times throughout the course of the season as a sell in order to mitigate risk, and if you’re still holding him we strongly recommend getting him moved before the Super Bowl.

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