Sports Card Strategy Ep. 101: New Wemby Prints, Early NFL Injuries Fueling Investor Decisions

Welcome to Episode 101 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey of, the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell, of, and Kendall "Lefty" McKee of, and Just Breaks. This week also includes guest Andy Cason of Football Card Quest.

Today we'll discuss the new Victor Wembanyama 2023-24 Panini RPS First Look Release, as well as the changing NFL investment landscape based on injuries and player performance.

Don’t forget to catch Paul and Lefty on Whatnot for Wemby’s NBA debut on October 25th.

In this show we talk about Losses, Wins, who we are buying and who we are selling.

L - if you are not listening to the overflow show, you are missing out. Not only is there sports card strategy from experts like Lefty and Chad, but you also get a lot of humor and mixups. The Sanders mixup.

W - Bought Wemby - 25 cards for $110 including tax and shipping. $4.40/card.
Play is to get graded immediately upon getting them back. Can be first to market with graded Spurs Wembys.

Buy - dip on Ohtani via Market Movers so get in and buy. Tip from Marti Friel; keep track of sellers that are selling raw on ebay. Indication that the seller may not grade their cards.

Sell - Kareem Hunt, Jerome Ford, Nico Collins, Nathaniel Tank Dell.

Selling on WhatNot - Join WhatNot if you haven’t already, using our link, and follow us here

L - What is Panini doing? Why is Panini using scotch tape on the base prism Arch Manning cards. Sloppy move on Panini’s part.
W - all the underdogs that Kendall roots for, played great this past weekend. Verstappen and Oscar Piastri race.
Buy - Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence. Entering into a buying opportunity for Elly De La Cruz. Elly isn’t playing well and is dipping at 20-30%.
Sell - Sam Hartman.

L - Chicago Bears are a big disappointment this week.
W - Sold Tua Optic Green Velocity PSA 10 Rated Rookie. Bought for $150 and flipped it for $300.
Buy - Skilled position players that are dipping in the hobby. Jaylen Wattle and Matt Stafford.

Look out for the mid-season dip and get ready to buy!

Get ready to list your basketball cards towards the end of October.

We'd love your questions and comments!

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