Sports Card Strategy Ep 92: Would You Rather Have Ohtani, Elly, Jalen Hurts or Anthony Edwards?

Welcome to Episode 92 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey of, the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell, of, and Kendall "Lefty" McKee of, and Just Breaks.

In this episode we talk about:

- L of the Week
- W of the Week
- Buy of the Week
- Sell of the Week
- The National

Paul is back this week getting everyone pumped for The National this week. Come see us at booth 3216.

Kendall kicks off with his L of the week - World Cup is at the worst time possible because of time zones. Jude Bellingham moving to Real Madrid. Lefty is holding a Color blast PSA 10 card, he was hoping to flip before The National.

Chad’s L of the week - US Women's national team and all the negative publicity they are getting for not singing the National Anthem. They didn’t do anything disrespectful and the media is focusing on the negative.

Colt Keith blue number to 150 Auto. Chad flipped it in raw condition. Put it on an auction and lost $32 with shipping. Quality control on 2023 Bowman cards are awful. Only 28 out of 100 that were grade worthy.

Paul’s L of the week - 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan bought a CSG 8.5 for $500. Came back a PSA 7. Paul is hoping to break even if he sells.

2023 Angel Reese SI For Kids came back PSA 5. Left side of the slab came back cracked.

Kendall 's W of the week - USA Women's National team cards online and are moving. Alex Morgan 2019 Panini Auto is getting a lot of bids.

Corbin Carroll Base Chrome PSA 10 market is going up for over $100 and continues to rise.

Paul’s W of the week is his 22 card submission came back 95% PSA 10’s and 5% PSA 9’s. Big wins, James Woods Base Chrome, Jackson Chourio Base Chrome, Spencer Jones Chrome, Caleb Williams, and Druw Jones Chrome. Paul is confident he is making money on Druw Jones despite what Lefty and Chad say.

Chad’s W of the week - he bought 4 Shohei Ohtani from 3 different buyers. None of them were gradable because they came to Chad bent. Chad listed them as a 7 day auction. Made $91 on upgradable cards. Check out last weeks show and tell where Chad shows you how to properly package your cards to avoid damage.

Kendall is buying James Wood and Roman Anthony. Lefty is going deep on Vladimir Guerrero Jr a quick turn play. Lefty recommends a Bowman Auto and look for his Topps Chrome Rookie card.

This week Chad is buying 2023/2022 Woods and Chourio to plan for next spring. Buy them off season and get the graded. Chad is doubling down on his Russell Wilson play. Jerry Jeudy Rookie Ticket Auto’s.

Paul is still active looking for Jackson Chourio and Caleb Williams. Paul is looking for 2 players only at The National. He is looking for Patrick Mahomes and Shohei Ohtani.

Kendall is selling quarterbacks, Jalen Hurts and Women’s National Soccer team cards. Long term play that will 10x are Japanese professional baseball players Roki Sasaki and Kodai Senga.

Chad is selling all of his football plays that he has been holding for the past 6 months. Chad will be listing all of his football cards by the first week of August.

Chad says sell Elly De la Cruz!

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