Top Giannis & Steph Cards To Buy Now – $1k Budget Builder

Top Giannis & Steph Cards To Buy Now - $1k Budget Builder

One of the best ways to make money flipping sports cards is to find the right card for the right player at the right time and go where they ain't. Examples of the right players are guys who have won NBA MVP awards, and NBA Finals MVP awards and perennially are top five players in their league. The right time is to buy them when their prices are down due to them not being in the news, not playing, etc.

The guys we're talking about today are two of the best liquid guys in the hobby - Giannis and Steph Curry.

But finding the right cards is different, trickier, and that's where our formula based rankings come into play. We've run several Giannis and Steph Curry cards through our formula at and now have a clear picture of where the most profit can be made.

Let's say you wanted to spend $1k on sports cards and make money by October. And let's dig in.

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