Who To Buy, Sell, Hold from the 2020 NFL QB Class

Who To Buy, Sell, Hold from the 2020 NFL QB Class


By: Chad Guell

Nobody wants to be like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhogs day. Get up everyday and it is the exact same as the day before. I think this is what makes sports cards so much fun. Even the experts are surprised sometimes by the way the market responds to certain events. What am I talking about?

Prior to the pandemic in March of 2020, the card market was very cyclical. This was great for flippers as you knew you could buy someone’s cards in the off season and sell them with the hype of the start of a new season and make money doing so. Then COVID hit. This brought upon times in the market no one had ever seen before. Prices spiked drastically with one good game from a player. ALL cards went up at unprecedented percentages.

You couldn’t find any wax to rip open at any stores as the demand outweighed the supply. Making money had never been so easy for someone trying to flip cards. Then along came 2022 and everyone was crying like little Bo Peep that the sky was falling. It didn’t seem to matter who or what card it was, the card was dropping in price. This is all part of basic economics. Over a period of time cards will go up and cards will come down. If you are savvy and do your research you can make money on cards whether they are going up or down. This is why this hobby is so much fun! Well, so far 2023 hasn’t disappointed! We are currently in the off season for football.

This means that typically now is the time to buy in order to make money flipping come July and August! However, if we take notice of the top QB’s in the NFL, many of them haven’t gone down like they usually do. In fact many of them have gone up or held steady since the end of the NFL season. Is this do to all the hype around the draft? Is it because everyone has figured out you buy in the offseason driving prices up now leaving little to no margin for profits in July and August? Let’s take a closer look at the rookie QB’s from the 2020 card sets. I like to use a players Silver Prizm Rookie PSA 10 to get a sense of where the market is at. The Charts below will show you how the QB class of 2020 has done over the past year!

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