How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Buying Jordan Walker Cards Now

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Buying Jordan Walker Cards Now

Contributed by Michael Miller

Jordan Walker was the talk of baseball to start the 2023 Major League Season, but that abruptly changed midway through April when he was sent back down to the minors for some adjustments in elevating the baseball. Walker was sent down to AAA after an April 23rd game. He spent the next month and a half in the minors, but the 21 year old has since been called up as of June 2nd. While the new call up could deter people from making a play like the one I am about to suggest, there still appears to be some room to make money on the young, budding star. Walker has all the tools to be a great Major Leaguer and he’s again, only 21 years old. To start the season, he was the primary candidate to be named N.L. Rookie of the Year. While that may not happen for him, there is still room for him to blossom and for his card values to increase and earn you some money in doing so. Using the customary method of grading 20 cards in bulk and the June PSA special of $15 a card, here’s how you can make it work in your favor.

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