Opening Our Most Expensive Box Ever – Panini Encased NFL 2020

If you're just getting back into the hobby of collecting sports cards again, you might have quite a few questions about some of the new products you're seeing, and why they're so expensive.

Let's be clear, there's a difference between buying products on the second hand marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and even new ones like StockX, StarStock, etc. and actually buying them directly from the Manufacturers like Panini, Topps and even Leaf or Upper Deck.

Second hand marketplaces resell basic product at a large mark-up, because the market will pay the asking prices due to the high demand.

And the manufacturers have raised their prices too, but generally when you buy product directly from the manufacturers, you're getting guaranteed cards within each box that have higher chances of larger resale value as individual single cards.

Why? Because FOTL (First off the Line) Hobby Boxes are typically what you'd be buying directly from or

Each box typically comes with ~2 autograph or memorabilia cards per box on average.

Case in point, the first one I bought after re-entering the hobby was this one - 2020 Panini Encased NFL, and it was expensive.

But in this video, you'll see why it was expensive, because the cards inside of it are super valuable. You're guaranteed a BGS autographed and graded card of a 2020 NFL Rookie, and you're guaranteed one additional autograph or memorabilia card.

If you'd like to win one of the cards we ripped in this video, including the graded rookie auto, please follow these instructions...

Interested in winning one of the cards seen in this video? I will pick one random winner.

If you use this link to register for Market Movers PRO Annual, please email your receipt and I'll enter you to win one of the cards shown in this video!
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