Sports Card Sell Alert: Malik Willis Cards Spike!

Sports Card Sell Alert: Malik Willis Cards Spike! Thumbnail

Contributed by Conner Barnett


Since being drafted in the third round of the 2022 draft, Tennessee Titans backup quarterback Malik Willis has been ultimately a non-factor in the NFL. There were however high expectations from some for the dual threat quarterback, which in turn led to sports card investors stocking up on Willis prints in hopes of him excelling at the pro level helping to turn profits. Willis however has thrown just 66 passes since joining the Titans, with 0 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, leaving flippers in a position where they’ve had to decide how and when to recoup losses. Fortunately for those holding him, this weekend’s international series matchup that featured the Titans and Ravens resulted in Willis seeing playing time and showcasing solid improvements in limited snaps, and it created a window of opportunity to sell without taking losses.

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