Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show – How To Sell A Jalen Green 1 of 1, eBay Seller Levels, Buy The Justin Fields Dip, Arch Manning Buzz, One-Touches and More

In this episode of The Overflow Show, we talk with premium members about how to sell a 1 of 1 PSA 10 RC, how to become an eBay top-rated seller, when to sell Jasson Dominguez and Ronald Acuña and whether or not to buy the dip on Justin Fields.

1. Ryan Painter kicks off the show looking for feedback on 1-touches:

Is it ok to not use a card sleeve prior to putting your card in a 1 touch? Does the 1 touch damage the card if it isn't sleeved?

Are chrome cards too thin for a 35 point 1-touch compared to a 20 point?

2. Scott Fuqua looks for more baseball advice following his feedback on Junior Caminero:

Is now the time to sell Acuna Jr? Should you wait until awards are given out and also see if they can win it all and then sell?

3. Marty Friel inquiries on eBay store knowledge:

He’s been using the 250 free listings per month so far. Is it worth upgrading to any of the other options?

4. Beau Rogers picked up some Jasson Dominguez cards after his hot start:

He decided to buy a ten-pack of the Topps Now Jasson Dominguez cards after hearing about him hitting home runs in his first games with the Yankees, and was bummed out after hearing he was injured a couple days later. The cards just arrived, and he noticed that Topps sent an extra card. It is the same card but numbered 2/10. He credits it to goodwill from previously doing photography for Topps

When should he plan on trying to sell the cards, and how much more is the 2/10 card worth?

5. Jerry Landis pulled a 2021 Jalen Green Black Mosaic that he submitted to PSA and received a 10:

He wants to first determine the value of the card. Once that’s solved, when is the best time to list this card for sale?

Should he sell it on eBay, Pristine Auctions, or Goldin Auctions?

6. Marty Friel is back looking for more advice on Arch Manning:
He bought three of the silver /250 and they’ll come encased, but he’s only ever bought one other encased card. What's the move with encased cards? Should you leave them encased and sell as is, or take them out of the case and send them to PSA?

7. Long-time listener Josh DiPiazza looks for similar feedback on Acuna sell periods:

He has a ton of Acuna variations and rookies, but all non-graded. Should he get ready to sell for the playoffs? Or should he hold and ship to SGC/PSA? He knows he’s a player worth holding for the future, but with the type of season he’s having now, should you try and jump on the hype and flip on this 40/70 season?

8. Dustin Horton rounds off the show inquiring about Justin Fields:

Are we buying the massive dip on Justin Fields? Is Justin just a good player in a bad organization? Should you buy his cards hoping that he can come out of this slump or gets traded to a better situation?

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