Sports Card Strategy Show Ep 94: Should You Blow Your Basketball Budget In August? Selling Strategies: When You Should Choose Auction vs. Buy It Now

Welcome to Episode 94 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey of, the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell, of, and Kendall "Lefty" McKee of, and Just Breaks.

We're joined by a special guest, Gary from Hoops and Cards.

In this episode we talk about:

- L of the Week
- W of the Week
- Buy of the Week
- Sell of the Week

What is your basketball strategy?
- Gary shares the strategy he uses by using the 4 G’s - Guess, Good, Great, and Goat
- Kendall breaks down similar by using flyers, stars, and goats
- Build your portfolio with high risk and rewards
- Paul’s strategy is to sell everything now and buy again in December

Gary’s L of the week - whenever he buys basketball wax he knows it’s going to be a waste. Caroline Ducharme back up point guard from Uconn.

Chad’s L of the week - PSA intake. His last 4 submissions have not been checked in. Chad submits every Wednesday and is disappointed that it’s taking so long. Curtis Meade’s cards are not taking off like expected.

Kendall’s L of the week - women's world cup has broken Lefty’s heart. Sold right before the cup started. Josh Young from the Texas Rangers broke his thumb which is going to take a huge hit from his card market. Lefty shows a 2023 Bowman Chrome Auto of Jackson Holliday for anyone to take a guess on why it’s a L. Kendall has been on the hunt for Jackson Holliday and paid a healthy amount for the card which turns out not to be a 1st.

Paul’s L of the week making blanket statements. Paul clarifies his statements thanks to an audience member reaching out to him.

Auction vs Buy it now - Paul is a fan of auctions because you risk not selling your card at a buy it now. Lefty, and Gary agree with audience member Luke Menchl “Buy it Now - Established Players, Auctions - Breakout Players and Hype Cycle.

Gary’s W of the week - celebrated 23 years of marriage. They went to a winery and it just so happens that the Football Hall of Fame is going on at the same time. He got to see Jerry Jones and his wife!

Chad’s W of the week - insane sales on basketball right now.

Lefty W of the week - Jackson Churio, Jackson Holliday, and Roman Anthony. Great plays

Paul’s W of the week - buying a Junior Caminaro Bowman 1st auto from Rusty Immegart. Shedeur Sanders

Kendall’s buy of the week - Jackson Churio, Marcelo Meyer, Jackson Holliday, James Wood Roman Anthony to hold and sell in the spring. Taking a risk on Damian Lilliard.

Lefty is selling all Women’s Cards and QBs.

Gary is buying SGA. Makes a list of cards that he wants, puts them in the watchlist, and the seller might make an offer. Buyers have the power with basketball. Search and saving for PSA 10’s. Also buying Ja Morant, D’Aaron Fox, Tyrese Maxey.

Chad is buying Zion Williamson, Jabari Smith, Keegan Murry, Johnny Davis, Marshawn Beauchamp, Cade Cunningham

Paul is buying Jayson Tatum, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, PSA 10’s. Buy now and sell in February. Or, buy in December and sell in February.

Paul is selling Hall of Fame Football - Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and Ozzie Newsome.

Paul and Gary wrap up the show with basketball strategy and answer audience questions.

We'd love your questions and comments!

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