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3 Undervalued Basketball Cards to Buy Now

Despite the NBA All-Star break being right around the corner, the basketball sports card market has been in a lull for the last several weeks. According to Market Movers, basketball cards released between 2018-2020 are down nearly 4% as a whole over the last 90 days. While this data is one of the reasons our…

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Sports Card Sells of The Week: September 4-11

Contributed by Conner Barnett Each week on the Sports Card Strategy Show, we talk about the top sports cards to sell now! We break down those selling opportunities further here at so you don’t miss your chance to profit. So if you’re asking yourself “which sports cards should I sell now?” – read below…

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January 2023: Sports Card Opportunity Report

Risks, Rewards and Sure-Fire Bets Welcome to 2023! Regardless of what many sports card content creators say about the overall “sports card market,” I remain steadfast in my belief that there is no singular “sports card market,” but rather that the entire ecosystem is made up of several niche market segments, sometimes broken down by…

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