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The National Recap From Dr. Chad

Contributed by Chad Guell Just like that the National is over! It was great to get there for 2 days this year! The first day I took my 2 sons with me, and the 2nd day I spent the whole day in the Sports Card Strategy Show booth cracking slabs and talking to people. For…

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Why Baseball Prospecting Can Be Safe Sports Card Investing: with Aram Leighton of – Breaking Down Just Baseball’s Top 100 List

Many people think buying baseball prospect cards is risky business, and ask us why we do it so much, when we’re actually pretty risk averse. We think it is perceived as risky because Bowman Chrome 1st Prospect cards can be quite expensive, for players that are never guaranteed to make a dent in the big…

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Sports Card Strategy Show: Can Non-Sports Art Cards Really Be Investable? With Greg Rivera of GAS; Preview of 2Pac Rookie Release

In this special edition of Sports Card Strategy, Paul sits down with Greg Rivera, Chief Brand Officer of GAS, a trading card company that creates non-sports art cards, to learn about how GAS makes compelling cards of hip-hop artists, notable bodybuilders, bands, and even local celebrities. But are non-sports art cards and hip-hop cards investable?…

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