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How To Spend $1k On Sports Cards Before The National

If you're new to, we get asked all the time what the best way is to spend $1k on sports cards. As such, we publish a regular article for premium members called the $1k budget builder. Each one has a uniquely timed theme, and picks some of the best choices from our Formula-Based Sports Card Rankings.

In Sports Card School, we talk about the top ways to diversity your sports card investment portfolio. Heading into The National, which takes place from July 23-July 28 in Cleveland, Ohio, many people aren't sure of their Sports Card Strategy. This article will explain how to build a strategic plan heading into The National - whether you're going or not.

On Lefty Cards last week, Kendall McKee talked about his plan to potentially liquidate cards heading into The National, so as to "free up funds" to spend at the show.

I highly encourage people NOT to look at things this way. If you think you need to sell cards in order to go to The National, unless you're significantly up on several cards, you could risk losing money by selling too quickly and not waiting until the appropriate selling marker. For example, if you have players in the NBA Summer League, baseball cards that are up heading into the MLB All-Star break, or have serious raw-to-grade wins, you'll be under water just to get cash.

Don't be desperate.

Instead, don't look at The National itself as a marker, but simply as "the end of July."

What moves make sense to make leading up to "the end of July?" That's how you should think of it. This way, whether you're going to The National or not, you can build your strategy.

In the end of July, there will be several potential events that could cause some cards to rise significantly.

  • NFL Training Camps start, kicking off the hype cycle for football players
  • Several NBA stars (not just for USA Basketball) are playing for a medal in the Paris Olympics
  • MLB pennant races/playoff runs start to heat up

As such, the end of July could be a significant marker to sell cards, rather than buy, whether at a card show, or online.

So let's dig into the top ways to spend $1k now, leading up to "the end of July."


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