Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Sports Card Related!

Know a dad that's hard to buy for? Is your dad  hard to buy for? Maybe he loves sports. If he just found his old sports card collection, or even just appreciates sports cards as art, this list is for you!

Let's not waste any time. Here are the top five sports card related Father's Day Gift Ideas of 2021:

Father's Day Gift Idea Number 5: Topps Project70: A really cool series of sports cards available at and on the secondary marketplace, of course. Sets of 3 or 4 cards are released every 10-14 days and only available for that time period. The total set will end up having more than 3,000 cards, but the significance is that each card is designed by an artist who combines a classic Topps card design from the past, with classic current and former players from Major League Baseball and subtle pop culture references.

You can order or ask for a specific player / card for $19.99, or buy a mini set of 3 or 4 cards for somewhere around $50.

Buying direct from the manufacturer wasn't something we could do as kids, so this is fun!

Father's Day Gift Idea Number 4: Topps NOW. Speaking of buying direct from the manufacturer, If you or dad don't want to pay $19.99 for a single card, you can pay half that amount for a single card that represents a significant moment in time. owns the rights to product Major League Baseball, UEFA soccer and WWE cards. Topps NOW, like Project70, are only available for specific time frames, so if you missed a specific card you wanted to buy dad, you can always check Facebook Marketplace, Etsy or eBay for it.

Father's Day Gift Idea Number 3: Panini Instant. If you've been following the prices at all in the sports card market / world since 2018, you know how outrageously expensive it is to get cards from Panini brands. Panini holds the licenses to NBA and NFL cards and more, and produces dozens of brands, each with multiple sets. Panini Instant is the trading card corporate powerhouse's version of Topps NOW. For typically $9.99 - $29.99 a card depending on the set, you can order a card from a specific moment in time as part of the Panini Instant collection. This allows you to order a card of dad's favorite player direct from the manufacturer shipped to your door.

Father's Day Gift Idea Number 2: Market Movers App Subscription from Sports Card InvestorSports Card Investor is an amazing app and website that tracks the value of the top 8,000+ sports cards at any given moment for free. But as you may or may not know, there are millions and millions of cards. Market Movers is a premium version of Sports Card Investor, which allows the data freak dad to really plan out his sports card purchases wisely and track how much his sports card investments are really worth. Does dad like sports and the stock market? This is the gift for him. But it's pricey. Market movers starts at $249.99 / year or $24.99 / month.

But now, you can use promo code "nooffseason" at signup, or use this link to register, and you will save 20%.

Father's Day Gift Idea Number 1: Newly released book on Amazon - What To Do After You Find Your Old Sports Card Collection: The Middle-Aged Dude's Guide To Selling Old Sports Cards.

This book is for men who were born between the years of 1975-1982, collected Sports Cards between the ages of nine and 12, and are wondering what the heck to do with their old collection that they just stumbled upon. Here’s the deal. Post-pandemic, they've somehow stumbled upon boxes, binders and screwdown cases of Sports Cards from that era they used to collect from (1988-1993). There’s Fleer, Topps, Upper Deck, Pro Set, Score, Donruss, NBA Hoops, Skybox and even some O-Pee-Chee!

You’ve seen the headlines about actor and entrepreneur Rob Gough buying a Mickey Mantle card for more than $5 million, and that a Tom Brady card just sold for more than $2 million.

Dad is now frantically looking up each of his cards on eBay and seeing people listing each of them for THOUSANDS of dollars a piece, but he can’t really make any sense of what to do with his collection just yet.

This books helps dad learn about graded and ungraded cards, how to identify which cards to have graded and why, which cards to sell, and how to market, list and transact on many platforms.

What To Do After You Find Your Old Sports Card Collection: The Middle-Aged Dude’s Guide To Selling Old Sports Cards helps dad make a high-level decision on what kind of experience he wants to make out of his old card collection, as well as learn the knowledge and tactics needed to map out and execute his plan.


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