Using Fantasy Football ADP To Find Sports Card Plays

Using Fantasy Football ADP To Find Sports Card Plays

I've been obsessed with Fantasy Football since 2003. Specifically, dynasty fantasy football. I've always loved the challenge of building a team that actively competes with other teams that peers build. In fact, from 2006-2011, was a fantasy football website that helped people win their dynasty leagues and IDP leagues specifically.

In fact, one of the main reasons I was drawn into the hobby again back in late 2020 was due to the fantasy sports aspect of sports cards. The ability to challenge yourself to pick and acquire sports cards that are going to increase in value during a specific period of time is obviously my favorite thing to do, and a main reason why I rebooted around that very premise in 2021.

In fact, like minds Kendall McKee of and Andy Cason of and I have bonded huge over the same passion, and also found ways to use our fantasy sports knowledge to crossover into making money on sports cards. And just like in fantasy sports, sometimes the hype around a player means more to their market value than their actual performance resume on the playing surface.

Football Card Quest is very, very good at identifying players that are likely to be hyped for fantasy purposes, and helping audiences identify cards the right cards to buy for these players at the right time, and ride the value up before selling during the fantasy football draft hype season - late August every year - when fantasy football plays its biggest role in football card pricing.

Now, about two months before NFL Training Camps officially begin, it's a phenomenal time to make these purchases. In this edition of the $1k budget builder, I analyze guys that have some of the biggest discrepancies between ADP (average draft position) and where they finished last football season in the PPR (points per reception) fantasy rankings.

As you can imagine, these are RBs and WRs that may be undervalued due to how they finished last season, but are likely to have serious hype heading into September due to where they're being drafted in early fantasy drafts.

As such, these guys could be some of the top football buys right now. Below are the rankings, based on the biggest discrepancies between ADP (future hype) and performance, along with some of the top curated cards for each player that I believe are great buys based on pricing, market value and future upside over the next 3-4 months.


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