WhatNot Releases New Breaking Experience and Features!

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The News:

WhatNot, a premier platform for collectors and flippers alike to both sell and purchase sport cards, has developed a reputation as a trustworthy source to enter sports card breaks for the chance at pulling rare and exciting prints via "breakers," who are ripping wax and hosting the breaks.

Fully leaning in to this reputation, as of May 1st at 9am CST, WhatNot is now adding user-friendly features to help simplify and optimize the breaking experience for their users.

They're offering tools to simplify creating the break, i.e. generated spot placement for those entering the break, allowing Breakers to set everything up in just moments. They've also updated and added to the available break management tools, such as allowing pinned spots, deciding between randomization vs. selecting specific teams for assignment, and improved tracking for buyers to easily identify which spots know what's available.

To round things off, WhatNot is even including improvements in fulfillment, as you'll be able to quickly export a spreadsheet of spots, assignments, and results to increase efficiency.

The new Breaks feature offers the following:
  • Streamlined Breaks creation: Say goodbye to tedious spot creation (post-it notes, whiteboard, etc) with our new tools. Batch-generate spots, copy/paste from your spreadsheets, and customize descriptions with ease. Create a Break with hundreds of spots in just seconds.
  • Frictionless Breaks management: Take control with pinned spots, support for Pick-Your-Team and random formats, Buy-It-Nows and Auctions, and clear tracking of spot assignments so buyers always know what’s available.
  • Built-in randomization:Automatic spot assignments with support for popular formats like stash-or-pass and pick-two-choose-one. Watch those Breaks fill in record time!
  • Fulfillment made easy: Export spots and assignments directly to a spreadsheet and your packing slips.
These upgrades, plus a redesigned buyer experience, make Breaks on Whatnot a simpler, more exciting way to sell. Beta features are subject to change and may experience periods of downtime as we refine them.
  • Sellers can sign up on our waitlist beginning May 1 here.

Our Take:

This is fantastic for the hobby. While we prefer to invest in singles while we focus on securing profits via flipping sports cards, we'll always acknowledge space in the hobby for everyone, and entering breaks is often something hobbyists use for fun or entertainment. With WhatNot adding a handful of features and optimization tools for both Breakers and those entering the breaks, the hobby takes yet another step in the direction of growth and improvements. We look forward to seeing how WhatNot continues to grow and attempts to expand the hobby and improve their user experience.

Whatnot Breaking Experience

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