Why I Just Bought A Stock Called MUDS and How It Will Help Me Own Topps!!!

ATTENTION: This is NOT financial advice, but I just want to give you some information and inform you of my position.

When I found out that Topps was going public, my "spidy senses" went off big time. There's going to be a chance that card collectors and hobbyists can actually OWN a piece of one of the best all-time sports card companies, Topps?

"Count me in," I thought. Then, as I was doing research about an IPO date (Initial Public Offering), I couldn't find any information on WHEN I could buy Topps stock.

This was probably a good thing, because as I explain in this video, I hate the stock market. I know NOTHING about it. I've never bought a stock in my life.

I happily keep all of my money in my family's money market account. I'm just conservative with my money like that. And that's an understatement.

With the exception of investing in Sports Cards, I basically have no investments.

I explain in this video a little bit about how I already bought Topps shares, before the shares are officially pieces of the Topps company.

This article does a better job explaining and analyzing exactly why and how to buy MUDS stock before the Topps merger like I did.

But I'm excited about my first ever stock purchase. I'm an investor in MUDS now, and hopefully it will actually be TOPP by the end of 2021.

Passing along another article here about the Mudrick Capital - Topps Merger and it's outlook for investors.

Again, I can't stress enough that this is NOT investment advice. I'm deathly afraid of losing money. I can't stand going to Las Vegas and gambling. I stopped playing Daily Fantasy Sports in 2015 because it was ruining each day for me.

I've already struggled to not stare at my phone all day tracking MUDS. Buy at your own risk.

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