Why Now Is The Time To Buy Ansu Fati MegaCracks Rookie Cards

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About 8 months ago, I got back into collecting sports cards HUGE. I've always been an NBA, NFL and MLB guy, like most of you, I'm sure.

But I've lived in Spain since 2018, and over the course of the last three years, I've learned a lot about soccer. La Liga, specifically FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid, have some international appeal. Everyone knows Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi - both of whom are no longer in La Liga, but not everyone knows the guy I'm about to go on and on about - 19 year old Ansu Fati.

I become familiar with Fati by total chance. I was at a local bar in Valencia, Spain, watching our Valencia CF team take on FC Barcelona in one of the opening games of the 2019 season. I was with my son and his friend, as well as his friend's father, who is also a good friend of mine.

The first two goals of the game were scored by a then 16 or 17 year old rookie striker, who looked like a man among boys. I was like "WHO IS THAT GUY?????"

The other three went on and on about the youngster, named Ansu Fati, saying he's the next potential superstar of European Soccer.

I agreed, and became infatuated with the young spaniard. This was a full year and a half before I got back into the hobby, so when I started collecting and investing in sports cards again, I remembered Fati, and started inquiring with locals about his cards.

I have very limited access to getting the soccer cards that Americans enjoy, like Panini Prizm, Obsidian, Contenders, etc. But I do have regular access to the real Spanish cards - Panini MegaCracks (MGK).

Ansu Fati's true Panini rookie card, the 2019-20 MGK MegaCracks card, in PSA 10, as been around $5k for the last two years solid, even after Fati's devastating 2020 knee injury. Even raw, the card hasn't dipped below $100, until now.

The last five sales of this card, in PSA 10, PSA 9 and raw have been at all-time lows.

But this makes NOW the best time to get in on these true Ansu Fati rookie cards.

Why? Well, he hasn't played in almost a year, and he's about to come back strong. Possibly even as early as next month (September 2021).

After he returns, and starts scoring goals again like he did two years ago, his cards are sure to double in value. Given that he's only 19, there's no reason his card value won't grow to see new established floors over the next 12 months.

Additionally, the sky is the limit for his card values due to the 2022 World Cup approaching. Fati, assuming he's healthy, will be the most featured and electrifying young star on the Spanish National Team. Scoring goals on the World Cup stage could and I will go so far as to say "should" establish him as an international super star.

At nooffseason.com, we own three of his MegaCracks 2019-20 true rookie cards, and in this video, we rip open two packs to see if we can add a fourth and even fifth!

Happy Collecting!

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