Will We Pull The Michael Jordan SP1 1991 Upper Deck? Family Pack Rips

One of the most fun things I did this summer was visit a local card shop in my birthplace and former hometown of Rochester, Michigan.

My family and I returned to the United States for the summer, and in addition to visiting the Nashville Card Show while we were in Tennessee with my in-laws, we also visited Rochester Sports Cards and Memorabilia in Downtown Rochester while we were in Michigan visiting my parents and siblings.

While Rochester Sports Cards and Memorabilia brought back some serious nostalgia for me, and the shop owners were very nice and willing to help, the overall sports card selection definitely was limited to local Detroit Sports, making it pretty niche.

They did have several gaming cards, and an amazing amount of Detroit Sports Memorabilia though.

I walked away spending about $37 on five packs of 1991 Upper Deck Baseball with the chance to pull the Michael Jordan SP1 - featuring a picture taken when he had batting practice before a Chicago White Sox game - a few years before his baseball career.

Within that budget, I also got a few packs that took me back to my childhood including some Pro Set 1991 Football and Pro Set 1990 Hockey.

Watch as my daughter Samantha rips packs in hope of a Brett Favre Rookie, Jaromir Jagr and Sergei Fedorov rookies and my son Max opens the 1991 Upper Deck pack.

The remaining packs I purchased are available for sale on NoOffseason.com.

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