February 2023: Sports Card Opportunity Report

February Sports Card Opportunity Report

How to go where they ain't

In recent episodes of the Sports Card Strategy Show, I've mentioned that I like to "go where they ain't." That will be the theme of this month's Sports Card Opportunity Report. February is a tough month to look the other way, what with the Super Bowl and NBA trade deadline and All-Star Weekend happening.

February is a major hype cycle for both of the most popular sports in the hobby - NBA and NFL. Avoid it.

Don't buy Russell Westbrook cards, De'Angelo Russell cards, and especially not Kyrie Irving cards. Resurrect them from your drawers, closets and vaults and list them for sale - immediately.

With Kevin Durant on his way to Phoenix, there's a lot to be excited about, but hold off on buying KD, Booker or Chris Paul cards. Prices will be inflated. Resist the temptation to cash in on NBA Title contention, there's more money to be made in simply timing the market, rather than betting on who will win.

And then there's LeBron breaking the scoring record. Phenomenal accomplishment - but time to sell, not buy. The record was the marker that we noted six months ago, which was the time to buy. Now's the time to list and cash in.

And as much as I love Cam Thomas, now is not the time to buy - it's the time to sell him after his three straight 40 point outings.

Definitely avoid Chiefs and Eagles, and most other NFL players for that matter, until June.

But the best feature of this article may just be the fact that we listened to all of you, and have put together a list of our buys, sells and holds that we're keeping updated daily!

Alright, now let's get into the February Sports Card Opportunity Report.

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