How To Profit On MLB Prospects During The Season

How To Profit On MLB Prospects During The Season

Contributed by Chad Guell

In the most recent episode of the Sports Card Strategy Show Episode 85, the question was asked if we thought Baseball prospecting was the most difficult of all the sports. Lefty and I agreed that we thought baseball was actually the easiest sport to prospect. In this article I am going to outline whether or not it is too late 2 months into the season to still profit on MLB prospects!

The 1st thing you probably want to do if you are prospecting with intent to flip is to know who is in the MLB top 100 prospects list and when they are anticipated to make their debuts. If you google the top 100 prospects you will find many different top 100 lists from many different writers. I am not 100% sure which one is the best or most accurate, you can look at several of them or pick one and it will get you in the game at the very least. So every year there is a buying window for baseball prospecting from Thanksgiving to around Easter. The early you get in typically the lower the price you pay. If you can correctly predict a prospect that makes his debut with the big league club out of spring training their cards jump in value at the announcement that they made the team. Then there are the prospects that many feel could have made the big leagues, but got sent down to begin the year in the minors, but everyone knows they will get called up soon. Unfortunately it is June and those 2 options are gone.

So do we focus on football and forget about baseball at this point? The answer is NO! Baseball prospecting is still alive and well! At this point in the season you need to develop your strategy. Are you looking at a short term flip or a long term flip opportunity. If you are looking at a 1 year longer term flip you can focus now on prospects that have a chance of making the big club next spring. Watch their markets and jump on them if or when they dip. However if you are looking for shorter term flips this article is for you!

There are players that will still make their big league debuts yet this season. They key is to figure out who they are and if buying now creates an opportunity to flip. Lets take a look at a few prospects that might fit this opportunity. For the purpose of this article I am going to be looking at the Bowman base chrome 1st autos. There are several opportunities for non autos and numbered parallels too, but so this article doesn’t get too long we will look at just the base auto current price and last 30 days to see the movement on this card.

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