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Jalen Brunson Knicks

Our Investing Thesis

The hobby is huge. There is a ton of temptation and FOMO. It's easy to become undisciplined and sloppy in pursuit of making money investing in sports cards.

Our sports card investing thesis is three fold.

1. Don't Chase. The way to make money investing in Sports Cards is NOT to chase the hot players or cards, but to have the ability to identify the NEXT hottest player BEFORE their card prices take off.

2. Stay In The Game. Since each player has a countless amount of cards, it's necessary to stay disciplined in identifying and purchasing cards that will have the ability to rise in value. Go Low / Mid Risk as much as possible. Everyone wants the big names. If the price is already high, then the upside is already baked in. Buy the dip on either the card, the player or both. Have reasonable expectations. Not every card will yield a profit, but overall, if you stay in the game, you should make 20% over the long haul.

3. Be Set Up To Sell. The most overlooked part of profiting in sports card investing is actually being set up to sell your cards. This includes acquiring cards that are frequently transacted, so as to instill confidence in your future buyer by being able to show consistent sales comps. We're not saying not to acquire short prints and variations, but if you're looking to make an ROI quickly, these aren't always the best cards.

There are two windows. The long term window and the flippable window. The long term window is when you believe a player has a season or more of relevant potential "moments" ahead. The flippable window is when a player actually never has to perform well on the field or court, but only has to generate enough "hype" to see an increase in card value.

We know that our background of professional sports front office work and player scouting, high stakes fantasy sports expertise, digital content creation and sales will make our Sports Card Investment Report a critical piece in your pursuit of positive ROI on your Sports Card Investments.


The Reward

The signing of Jalen Brunson has given the Knicks such a boost this season, that we’re sure even the Mavs can’t believe. The Knicks will have their most wins since 2012, and Brunson is a huge reason why. Averaging a career best 24 points and 6 assists per game Brunson has been the playmaker the Knicks have been searching for for a long time. Brunson’s card market however feels to be a little underappreciated at the moment. What could certainly change that is a nice playoff run, but with how top heavy the East is, keep your expectations in check.

The Risk

Brunson doesn’t carry a lot of risk at the moment. He’s a scoring PG on a playoff team that looks to have a nice future ahead of them. It was encouraging to see Brunson take such a large leap in year 5 of his career, since you usually knew what a player is by year 3 or 4. Brunson will turn 27 this Summer so he’s not exactly young, so what we’re seeing this year could likely be his ceiling.

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