Local Card Shop Visit: How I Traded Up At Nash Cards

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My son Max and I went to visit Chris at Nash Cards in Mt. Juliet, TN after the Nashville Card Show on July 10, 2021.

It had been nearly 30 years since my last visit to a Local Card Shop.

Much like my trip to the Nashville Card Show, I had ZERO expectations of Nash Cards. I mean, I had heard GREAT things about Chris and his team from different podcasts and people at the Nashville Card Show.

When I met Chris, he lived up to the hype. After I had my head in a $0.25 box of Bowman Chrome Prospects cards for about 15 minutes, Chris complimented my "Topps" t-shirt I was wearing and we immediately hit it off.

I explained that Max and I were in town from Spain, and looking to have fun and possibly trade.

My strategy was to introduce him to some La Liga cards that he had never seen before.

He was super patient with me and allowed me to teach him about some of the Messi and Ronaldo cards I brought with me.

Quickly, he formed a strategy that helped me execute mine - gaining a Nick Castellanos 2014 Topps Chrome Rookie Autograph card shown in this video and available here. It was the perfect trade, because I have more than enough soccer cards to go around, and Chris needs to beef up before World Cup 2022. He knows how he'll market the soccer cards I traded him, and I know exactly what I'm going to do with my Nick Castellanos Rookie Auto. Either sell it on NoOffseason.com or move it on StarStock as he chases the 2021 MLB batting title.

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