Panini Basketball 2020-21 Absolute Memorabilia Box Reveal

I'll be honest, I didn't really know what the strategy was going to be when I started buying sealed wax directly from Panini in 2021. It's not cheap, but I just knew I wanted it.

When I bought this box of high end Panini Basketball 2020-21 Absolute Memorabilia cards I didn't really know what the best cards would be to pull, and at the time I thought I'd probably just be able to flip the box for a profit.

The card market has changed a ton since then, and continues to change on a daily and weekly basis, just like the stock market.

Based on the landscape of the market in July 2021, I decided the best strategy would be to rip this box of high end sports cards with my son Max.


1. Family Fun Time. Ripping packs is just flat out fun.

2. Showing off the individual cards and getting them graded. The chances of hitting at least a few solid grading-worthy cards in these types of boxes is pretty high.

3. The price of Wax has gone down, making it harder to be patient after spending money.

There are some sports cards I've purchased that I totally have no problem waiting for years to liquidate.

These random boxes are not included in that group.

I felt I needed to continue to create momentum. Open the box, see the cards; grade the cards; market the cards; possibly list them for auction at certain times based on player performances, etc.

4. Content Creation. After seeing the success of guys like @Packman and @Sports Card Investor from opening packs, I figured it was time to diversify my content as well and show some cards.

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