Sold Out Panini Pack Breaks! The “Are My MegaCracks Series 2?” Mystery & NBA Stickers and Cards!

It's time to break some sold out Panini Wax!

Well, technically that's true. On this episode of Happy Collecting, my kids and I break out the cards I've acquired here in Spain over the last four months (not including the cards I've purchased and had shipped to my Tennessee address).

We cover the Panini NBA Stickers and Cards Collection, as well as uncover the "Are My MegaCracks Series 2?" mystery.


NBA Stickers and Cards come with 5 stickers and 1 card per pack. The card sticks to the inside of the packs, but always comes out in good condition and I rather like the cards themselves. There are the rookies you'd think there would be in the collection - LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, James Wisman, Obi Toppin and more.

Check out who we got!

Panini MegaCracks Series 1 features the Ansu Fati second year card, which is pretty valuable on it's own, and other stars like Joao Felix and Messi.

But Panini MegaCracks Series 2 features the Pedri rookie.

The problem is, Panini Espana labeled both the Series 1 and Series 2 MegaCracks boxes the EXACT SAME.

If somebody tries to sell you sealed MGK series 2, the reality is they don't really know if it's series 1 or series 2.

My take is: it doesn't matter. If you want to try to get a Pedri rookie, buy them.

Seriously. It's the same concept as not knowing whose cards are in the packs.

When breaking wax, you never know what you're going to get, so stop working about the packaging and just buy the cards!

Of course, we think ours is Series 2. In the video I explain why.

Happy Collecting!

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