Sports Card Buys of the Week: Dec 4-11

Dec 4 Buys Of The Week Graphics

Contributed by Conner Barnett

Each week on the Sports Card Strategy Show, we talk about the top sports cards to buy now! Buying the right cards at the right time is a critical component to turning profit.

So if you're asking yourself "which sports cards should I buy now?" - read below to not miss any opportunities!

1. Ja Morant: 2019 Prizm Silver PSA 10:

Our first buy recommendation for the week is Memphis Grizzlies star guard, Ja Morant. Morant has quickly risen to stardom in the league via highlight plays and consistently impressive statlines as he’s helped turn the corner for a Grizzlies franchise that was struggling to find their groove prior to drafting Morant. Unfortunately for Morant (and his fans), he’s struggled to keep things in check off the court, as he’s currently facing his second league sanctioned suspension for activities occurring off the basketball floor. While typically investors could look at Morant and associate him with risk, we actually feel the opposite. With Morant’s return from his 25 game suspension on the horizon, we don’t need him to post any sort of long term high-end sustainability. Rather, we simply expect Morant to return for a couple of games and begin to steer the ship in the right direction for the struggling Grizzlies so everyone remembers how high caliber of a player Morant is. Because of this, we believe that if you invest in the correct card for Morant, no risk tolerance is needed to make money here. His 2019 Prizm Silver in PSA 10 most recently sold for just $396, which is down 11.2% over the last 30 days. Additionally, this card was selling for $1.35k a year ago, and while we aren’t promising this card will return to this valuation, we do expect to see healthy growth, and quickly, upon Morant’s return. Buy now before Ja Morant is cleared to play December 19th, and be ready to sell when demand for his prints goes through the roof.

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