Sports Card Buys of the Week: Nov 13-20

Nov 13 Buys and Sells Of The Week Graphics

Contributed by Conner Barnett

Each week on the Sports Card Strategy Show, we talk about the top sports cards to buy now! Buying the right cards at the right time is a critical component to turning profit.

So if you're asking yourself "which sports cards should I buy now?" - read below to not miss any opportunities!

1. Shohei 2018 Topps Chrome Rookie Cards

We’ve discussed buying Shohei Ohtani prints over the last several weeks to add high upside to your portfolio with multiple sell markers, and we’ll continue to do so as options present themselves. Ohtani’s 2018 Topps Chrome 1983 TA variation in PSA 10 is down 61.5% the last 90 days, as Paul recently picked one up slightly below market value for just $200! This card has upside of over $600, and features a pop count of 1,555, making it easily attainable. Look to secure one under the $250 range with knowledge of which sell marker you plan to use from below so you know what your exit point is! We also like his 2018 Topps Chrome Pitching. In PSA 10, this print is down 54.5% the last 90 days, and has an extremely high pop count of 10,324. There are a myriad of auctions going on for these cards, seemingly at all times. Both of these prints are sitting at an ideal pricing valuation that will lend itself to some serious margin growth.

As for when you should sell these prints, you have several options. This offseason is the nearest, with Shohei likely going to sign the biggest contract in MLB history. Paul likes this option as an ideal sell marker, but also thinks you’re still mitigating most of the risk if you decide to hang on until the beginning of the baseball season to optimize hype cycle gains. If you want to hold these options for longer periods, you have two options for exiting the Ohtani market. First, you could hold for performance based spikes over the 2024 season, and secondly his 2025 pitching return. We recommend rolling with one of the first two options to ensure profits without exposing yourself to additional risk.

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